The Parco delle Colline Metallifere is a UNESCO Geopark and a Park with a European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas certified by the Europarc Federation.

Sustainable tourism


Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Tourism is that tourism that pays attention to the reduction of emissions of climacteric gases and pollutants. This can also be done in the city, just have some attention (good examples are the tourist products in Malmö in Sweden and in Freiburg or Hamburg in Germany in Amsterdam or Copenhagen). In our territory Follonica belongs to the network of cities with the Covenant of Mayors and is part of the Italian green city network – to visit among many things there is a residential neighborhood with almost zero impact houses – our territory is also characterized by energy production from low impact sources, thanks to geothermal energy.

Eco-tourism is the “pushed” declination of Sustainable Tourism, which takes place within Protected Areas and Parks.

These are two approaches to tourism that the territory of the Parco delle Colline Metallifere supports and which are a central focus of the European and world networks of UNESCO Geoparks, of the Protected Areas Europarc CETS (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism) and of the MEET – Mediterranean network. Experiences of Eco-Tourism – coordinated by IUCN.

Responsible tourism is that tourism which pays particular attention to local culture, society and economies and which is achieved through decent and green jobs. – Tourism is a very important activity for our territory, for Tuscany and for Italy. If not treated with the right attention, however, it can become one of the many pressure factors on our environment. With our proposals we are committed to reducing our impact and that of the visitors and tourists we assist in journeys to discover our territory, which reserves the good fortune of being still healthy and intact.

Each proposal in this online catalog sees the commitment of all service providers to reduce our impact. Help us too.

What do we do:

  • We do not advocate the use of disposable plastics and offer alternative solutions
  • We mostly use products and services from local and sustainability-conscious companies
  • We plant trees (together with tourists if they wish) to offset CO2 emissions
  • The cars of our NCC are driven in eco-driving mode which allows savings in consumption and emissions between 5 and 20%
  • All our drivers followed the eco-driving course with the Eco2Trainer method held by the trainers of the Foundation for Sustainable Development
  • Part of our proceeds are reinvested in projects for the study or conservation of biotopes or geosites of the territory, or in payment for eco-system services We organize waste collection days and cleaning paths and beaches #TrekkAndClean with guides, locals and tourists

Help us too, choose to travel responsible, sustainable and ecological.

We are part of the international eco-tourism networks DestiMED and MEET supported by Federparchi IUCN and Global Footprint Network Video Destimed

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